Monday, December 27, 2010

slowly slowly, quickly quickly, we beat out all the ghosts of our hearts and our minds. travel the universe in perfect unison with our thoughts. the confusion of all our experiences roll in the tempest of our chemical machine. the breadth of the baby cat was always there. can we let the lexington of our hearts go like a billion white doves darkening the blue sky of our lives? the gallop of horses is heard off in the distance, this doesn't leave the room because it's a secret shared among friends. I want to tell you these secrets, but would it endanger the others or roll the trusts of others into something so insignificant. the capital of Wisconsin is the code that we live by. the creature of the badger goes digging and digging. we can jump up and down and scream from the mountaintop. Let's go to the other place by slowly circling and circling. I circled the date with the blood from my heart. We are blood brothers in the literal and metaphorical sense. I have no sense in the breakup of time. time is the source of the delusion and the grandeur. times of post apocalyptic visions and the ordering of our lives. I'm in need of the dewey decimal system of our lives. In order to categorize all of this I'm going to need a lot of helpers. slow down your thoughts so you can truly experience life. Be here now, because that's what you need to be. Be present, be here, be always in the know. Let's go discover this movie of life.

Friday, December 10, 2010

the flicker

of a post of the drain of the same of the membrane. I've gotta say that I was surprised of the news of the passing of the flame. I heart you and I love you and I have to say why do the good die young. In a primordial or a torrential scream to the heavens. I say don't take the good anymore and hell you should take the bad. But no it doesn't work that way with angel wings or soaring into the clouds or the earth as we know it. I am going to wage war against you towards the end of time. I'm going to beat the battle that we never could have. It's easy to dismiss and overlook and never think of. You laugh and smirk but I'll wipe that from your face. Boneless, white bone, earthen shatter, ever the link of the unimaginable. I sweep through the rain like a schooner with sails. A cutlass sword that slashes through our heavenly times. I say you are unfair, and you are. Admit it. An angry old man with the seas of uncertainty. A refuge from the storm that makes no sense. I would have left if you weren't here, probably for better shores. I've always been my own adventurer seeking better opportunities in far off land. Which in repost is probably better than most.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

you burn

you burn like the sun. like a supernova that envelops all of the heat of a galaxy far far away. the constant scroll of names and contacts have brought us to the event horizon of the different plainer moments of our life. Plainer as in plain, yes I know it's a made up word like many sequences of letters in the english language. I can drop one thing two things and yes I am living in my own demented fantasy. The earth rains with blood, the fire reigns it all. The people who we consort with own everything. I can till the lands til the land is bone dry. Put this on the yoke of my soul and it's no small command. In general in corporal in theory in space, the lands of time and the strength of our persistence bent the bands of time. A band of outsiders in the light years away. Let's hit turbospace and you and I can be together in the next life. Like my friend once said. Ha. Parisian times and the parisian planet, we made it of croissants and the bagels de luxe. I can see the rim light of life cascading over the silhouette of your head. Every day I wake up and I say to myself this is going to be a good day, this is the day that we will live and appreciate forever. That's all I want you to know and to say to you.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

the effort

to be the one you would love to be. The race to see who is telling the truth and do you have a magical lasso to make you tell them to. The invisible jet the invisible refrain from what we wanted to say. The new ecology is where we are headed. The compass of your mind leading you to the answers where we could probably solve them with an etch a sketch. Indecent proposals are left at the stage door when we couldn't go to sleep. Let's run and eat at the same time. Peanut butter, bananas, a strawberry that looks like an ear, and I can't remember the last time I had been there.
The cycle of the ocean waves cleaned the inner ear of life grandstanding. The box of a gift was left here in the quiet solace of the night. The black clouds are rolling in with the ferocity of the tiger beat. Can you see the foolish bets that they made in the early morning Kentucky bound. Sometimes I want to stay out, but it's better to be in. All bets are in and I'll say that maybe this wasn't the way to go. I can't say the handcuffs of your heart were the right thing to do, maybe it's what you always thought was right. A piece of butter and you're toast for the golden triangle to detect. Let's do this, let's misappropriate those funds.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

in a different universe in a different place. we are subzero gravity and our intentions were floating in the sky. I want to love you in every sense of the syllables but this syllabus is much to wordy for either you or I. can we bring this step? the drop step and the constant change that we all require. I'm kind of running on the end of this type rope, and these are never things we talk about. Semi colon apostrophe s....can it get any colder than this? Earth sucker, fat mother fucker, let's run this to bangers and mash. You damn frankenstein. I want to laugh with the ease of air baked biscuits.
It's limp like the excuses of earth rotations blown high. Can we break the system with this codifying language. Let's put the antennae up and receive the AM/FM transceivers. let's run to the bottomless edge of this earth. Fucking blowing up the phone and let's telestream this xtra vision of earth and the pie sky. Burn the earth it's a case of arson. Listen to the song repeat and repeat. Let's tie this up in our own peaceful language. I need a space heater for this place in my chest. This heart of golden light and how we can run this game.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

shells shells sea shells by the seashore

the dreams of the nation were of sea shells and falling staircases. I had a dream recently where the the steps were falling away. Below the drop was about 100 feet onto the concrete. A bottle of whiskey was in my hand, it fell through my fingers shattering below into the dark night abyss. I crashed a car into a tree that wasn't mine. the shells of humanity were swaying in the breeze. I look at the sun and I see the day pass by, the seasons a standstill of the ever playing song on repeat. I want to stand on the cliff and peer down and not be afraid. I want to feel the tingle of life sensation in the breeze of life. The sudden nature of this feeling grips me in it's warm gentle hand. I want to see your face, your eyes, and the quiet solitude that it brings. Earth was here first, then dinosaurs which I almost mispelled. The quiet quotient of dreaming in the near color has brought memories into my mind like rolling clouds whispering sweet secrets about the keys of life and how we would transmit them. If there ever was a case to go to the ocean and hear the crashing waves this is it. Not like the near documentary of the purposeful life in which we lead. Lets go over there and look. Let's go over there and peer. Let's uncover our eyes and open our arms to the stranger stumbling through the night. you're awesome. you're awesome too we said. I want to explain, but it's oh so complicated in this brain of mine. Cancel the remix cancel the story. this was the loudest of dreams.

Friday, November 19, 2010


it was never can't be. three dots to put them out there. Pause, transgression and the early aggression of a time well spent. after hours spent running around like the party zombie.
One case of blu becks. One round of the hoolsbeck and you and I and run on sentence we could never decide. clip trop, back drop it's the soft orange glow of a scene never seen. I can count on my left hand how many times we talked intimately with one another. The silent secret of our secret embraces. let's run to the mountain let's run to the top. We bear witness to the traffic streams of our own children that we imagined one day. I can never say or never believe that we had crossed these paths in a time earlier said than done. you told me they were low fat nuts, but in reality it was all just a bag of nuts. Jet stream, blue stream, and we lived in a trailer by the see. You and me forgot not what we have not and continued in this brutal stream. Never enough is it what we said in between. I want to hold your hand, but only in the virtual world. I can see you slipping, but I'll be there to catch you in this wholly done ridiculous world.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

run it sadiq

Your mind is running. it's on the last leg of the marathon. you look at that bracelet and are reminded of the beautiful parts of life. You hear the angel, and think about all the angles of the world. the hard drive is broken, but don't think of all those losses in zeros and ones. If Earth were a plan it and a third rock from the sun. Where were we today? Blackout sun...I hardly remember.
In the night in the heat in the heat of the night we took showers made of gold. I can say that I barely recognize this person, they are a blurry mess of pixels and pixie dust. Can we remember,
the heart shaped hole in our hearts. I can't understand this, the messiness of a life gone awry.
It's like a rueben sandwhich, that's been splattered on rye. Live with the angels and fly with the eagles. Earth inhabits a constellation of broken records in stereo dream. We can fly into planets with balloon like landing gear. We can shoot them up like clay pigeons in the atmosphere. I've got this on lockdown....and we'll do an hardboiled egg eating contest like my friend Luke. Cool hands,
fly dress, and the everywhere in between. I'm here somewhere, just hit me up on my pager.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

life the circle and where we go

this is the complete. the inner circle. the never ending. the final thoughts of our lives and how we orbit one another. This is a 365 degree random selection of life and how we're going to to do this. Ready, set, go...for the next 365 days I'll be on here writing for anywhere from ten minutes to 30 minutes and expounding about the thin vagaries of life and how we should improve us, ourselves, and the life that surrounds. First I say in life you should have some loyalty, first if you do something dumb and unwarranted you should think about how it affects other people. Life is like a bunch of ground strokes, some shots you should take and some you should not. How about a shot across the bow? How about we go stern side. The vampires of LA suck and suck not realizing the blood supply will run out one of these days. The idiots of the world can hold onto their fake fashion and dumb fads. It's all like recycled diapers and I guess it's all about depends. The past is the past and it is something that should not hold you back. The time machine that is our minds is a jumble of wires and useless USB ports. I've gotta say that I'm pretty bummed about how things became and are. I've gotta say that I would never make tigers of paper mache and I would never hold the keys to the far flung planet of the stars. I can see the wilderness of everyone's heart and sometimes I wonder what the hell is happening. I'm on a runaway train with no conductor. I'm in the sub surface swimming below the surface with the wonders of the marine world. I'm in the echo spaces of your mind, constantly reverberating through the eyes of Minolta and the candyland schemes of the vampires of thought. I think this, the world is crushing and I think it's time to crush back. You want to roll? let's do it jelly belly, we'll see how this turns out. The world is made of xerox and unoriginal thought that you think you've made your own. Go on with this thought, but beware that it's made of paper walls with the artifice of the next Christmas ornament. Check the inbox of your mental fortitude and you'll see it is empty. It's unexpected, like life. take a snapshot. these things last longer.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Candid Camera

I once saw a lizard made of glass and scurried underneath the grapevines off the 5 north. There was an owl that was snow white and I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world. It is a world of magnets that align to push and pull across the universe. She whispered that we could meet again in the shadows of the long tall palm trees. Did we ever see the shapes in the clouds that the shaman said he saw? Or were they hallucinations generated in his own mind constructed by a punch card computer. Punch drunk love and we skipped through the alley ways of our untethered hearts. Construct was hard to carry since it was made of cement. I've been making things up in the past few hours or the past few days or the past few weeks. They are called ideas, but someone may call them "youdeas" as in you should do them. Let's escape to Gotham and run towards the sun. Let's float in zero gravity talking in Spanish. The light in Madrid was so beautiful and yellow. The shadows of life danced off the dry heat of the tablets of stone we call sidewalks. Out the car window we saw fields of auburn blazing wheat. I put the piece of candy under my tongue while sleeping the sleep of the blissful. Let's break our tablets out like Moses did his. The commandments were of one, and it was love one another.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

so so okay and yeah let's burn it like rubber

the sea with it's green emerald eyes, purple pants...and resemble the hulk. shells were put out here for many reasons. the seascape the earth brush and the winds of subtle change blowing in from the coast. baby bounce to this bounce to this and we sing the parameters of the song with the highest voices we can, missed opportunities and things just happen. I can say it was the original, the OG gangster it the slight movement of breathing things in and out. The salt of the Earth and maybe of age, but we weren't able to pawn it off unless it was uncool. Space esmeralda with it's passing of time. In a life of regrets with a simple push of the button, we look to sever all ties with the ones who have made us. The fury the storm, the unabashed emotional element of our experiences should never be behind what we want to do and our experiences under the ocean deep. the trembling of the earth the solstice we never mix with. Your quiet eyes and the program that ran beneath made of ones and zeros and the balletic code of instances in the sun. Let's go there let's be there let's jump off the diving board, never be embarrassed and run towards the sun. It's just got to happen in the perfection of that moment. so lbf or let's find ways to connect the stars in universe so they perfectly align...the numbers and equations don't lie under the sand.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

spanish fly

in the drift of the night, the music of the waves. the sounds of your hearts. a mix an amalgam of minds in various states of cleansing and churning much like the waves of the ocean. a slight connection and it was nice to kiss the idea of being an idea and being in love again. whether it was a slight flirtation or an honest to goodness feeling it was nice. sometimes you have to make those moments last so they are forever in your mind, the next day these ideas may flee and you will forget the fire of the heat that they burned with. Never extol, never feel virtue, and never pass judgement since this is what will burn you. I chose to run off with her into the night, walking up the quiet country path to the house of everyone. In the stillness of the moon in the silver blue sky with the rim light pine trees standing silently against the many pin drop of stars. Passing by the open door to her room she sat there in a quiet shock of what now I may be judging regret or feelings that sometimes in the moments of group gatherings become bigger than what the really are, but she did look sad and that made me kind of sad and for the life of me I lost the words to make things better, which I usually have, but at that moment they escaped me like flitting birds and with regret I admit that I didn't have these magic bullets to make her feel better about the whole situation. In the sea swept sun, in the glaring of the bright metal boats the bobbed rhythmically to the music running through the minds of our hearts that become confused so easily. A vision of yellow and blue, yellow for the sun and blue for ocean she looked beautiful in the sadness, but I wanted it all to go away. I wanted to say, "can I come sit next to you..." but again I wasn't so brave nor smart about the whole matter. If I were right I would have done so and at least asked if she was okay. In the slight digressions of life it's never right nor wrong just the maelstorm of confusion. we can't read minds nor can we read hearts and we can never follow the natural compass that is our feelings. I'm going to have to remember this and just go for it and get that feeling that I had when I was young and the negative waves of life battered me like an old fishing boat that had lost it's way in an arctic storm in this tropical land where were would just love each other and tell everyone it's going to be okay. It's a new day tomorrow and everything will be okay, no matter what our histories were.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

been a long time

I took a disco nap and it turned into a full on marathon. The birds of the neighborhood still chirp into the night. Sometimes the surprises of the late universe can wake you up. Sometimes you just wish you were sleeping in the lake, like the old tales of Camelot. The reversal of fortune was always fortuitous and you had to kiss the ground you walked on. Though once in a while it trembles and you feel the slow roll of an earthquake. Where can we be alone? In the desert, at the mountaintop or the slow low confines of our rooms. The proverbial rat in the cage sits there smoking a cigarette thinking about the ill-fitted tux suit that it will be wearing for a wedding. It was a Banksy production, but you can't take that to the bank. It's been an exhausting year, but actually it's only been on phase of the marathon. Two beats, one beat, and we skip a beat. One heart one dream and we surely have to diversify our portfolios. I'm looking to be bi-coastal so let's skip to the beat of that drum. It's a snare, like "Watership Down"...I believe that may be one word or one world that we need to avoid. The clouds today in LA were immaculate and almost alien. I need to buy new genes, because I'd like to be taller. Writing in the near future is the near present I need to get to. This isn't so rhythmic, but it beats with my heart.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


and the sounds of the pitter patter of little feat. the essential collection of beats to the sound of our breathing dreams. Alphabet soup and Alphabet city are spelled like this, A, B, C, D, and so forth. a robot beat for the robot drums and thunderstorm approaches and we take shelter in the basement of our thoughts. the steady hand of whispers in the dreams of clouds where we once lived. I can count, 1, 2, 3. count chocola and frankenberry...can we be frank or are we tater tots that got burned in the oven. the settling sun was pointing due east in the ragged winds of the tempestuous storm...or brains were fried like an egg sunny side up. I have to get up early so I can begin running away from what I really don't remember. can we say the blurry vision of our octagonal sunglasses were pointing to the horizon of our early lives? I'm going to put this on the record and let it spin like a merry go round with a clown's face on it. The clown had a brown face and it was made of tiny little particulate matter that some would call poo. Is Jason black? probably since I imagined it so. it was a nice clean shot, and his head swirled as if caught up in a hurricane.

Friday, May 14, 2010

the painted picture

of this bird hang in the foyer of my near future home. The apples of a dozen centuries sit in the fruit bowl of my long gone past homes. The features of her face read like a perfect event horizon, we saw the sun disappear beneath the moonscape of our heavens and hells. Wait, did you hear the pin drop on the proverbial floor? Or was it myself imagining things? Probably both or one or the other. A shaman retreats into the bone thick edge of night, we read signs that may or may not be there. There was a dog howling at the moon, a saucer of intergalatic space cheese and you just have to realize I'm bored at work and mean nothing by this. The plate of bees were covered in chodolate and we could eat their stingers if we weren't too careful. Stung by a bee with some bee stung lips. Let's perse or is it purse them. There were diamonds made of stars and I was made forever in blue jeans. They were Capital E because that's all they wore, like Prince's yellow assless chaps. You were too nice, and that's what they said. That was the take away.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

run around turn around

it was above the ground, like an adobe structure made from the tears of desert jack rabbits with the horns of a rhino...a rhinolope. or maybe it was a bird made of rhinoplasty. Secret stories told into the night, the phantom menace of Jar Jar Binks laid waste to the innocent people of this far off town. what can we say? Sometimes you see things that you'd rather not speak about, sometimes yellow taped cordoned areas are where you shouldn't be. I saw a cloud in the sky and it looked like a unicorn dancing on top of a leprechaun. The earth stood still, yet we were going around the sun in about 325 days. The shackles of the day light hours in the places we called work kept us shackled, like mining the diamonds of middle earth only to give them up to some overseer. Let's grow wings and fly away from this. The shuffling of neanderthal cards distracted me from the task at hand, which was to turn my printer in fire. A disheveled mess of cartridges, paper, broken scans, and the filament of one of Benjamin Franklin's long lost light bulb experiment. The times of the endless summer never end, we are always chasing the waves from this hemisphere to the next. I have a dodge prowler and it carries a six shooter. The earth spins in one complete cycle so make sure you put your sheet of Bounce in there. It's static free and keeps you from getting wrinkly pants. Is LeBron James leaving Cleveland, say it ain't so Joe, but I think so. Let's run here, let's pee there, but let's just do either. A declaration in Paris and I'm looking forward to the sleepy fun times...

Monday, May 10, 2010


the deep south. the durty south. the smiles of unsolicited smiles. the steady beat of the horns echoing through the night. The real city that never sleeps, where everyone is drunk around 6 pm.
glowing night, dispatch cabs in the guttural sound of the bayou. It hovers like a drunken firefly of the past. The crisp sweet smell of fried chicken. A march of the saints that were probably devils. the insanity of the world swirls. the insanity of life is like a hurricane. The ever mounting love for a girl grows in my heart. one of these things I need to slow down. One of these things is making me think that maybe I should move to the south. Open up a store and let the moonshine flow.
The earth digs deep, it's black blood floods into the ocean, different species of birds rest in the caverns of moss growing in trees. we can be good, so why shouldn't be. We can live life, so why don't we? The coyote came into the yard and just sat there, looking at me. I tried to scare it away with a comedic swirling of arms and the fake bravery of man facing nature. The back of my neck stood up straight. The primordial soup tasted of mud. We can help eachother fight the vampires.
I'll bring my stake and you bring your good aim.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sea breeze, dark trips and the mad mexican who is my friend. Off the hook off the chains, and I got to see Emilyn Smith. Great notes, high times, running through the desert without a worry in the world. Deep springs, dark palms, the questions of the glitter coyotes running through the night. Illegal moments, illegal aliens, and the ufos they arrived on. I ran into a beautiful night apparition, one I had dreamed of seeing a long time ago in my sleep. Bunker hills, Bunker granites, the left of center was moved even more to the right. Ponies on sticks and the dangerous men who carried them. The dancing was full of butt cracks. The earth of matted down grass. The exploratory surgery of gym days gone by. Secret handoffs and holding hands through the darkened crowd. Die Antwerd was actually boring compared to real life. It was fun, maybe too much fun. I thinking I should have driven myself or had the guts to. fire it up, because someone has to.

Friday, April 9, 2010


bushwick bill or possibly an impostor. the big dipper was out tonight and as always Orion dragging his pelt across the sky. The color is purple, but it wasn't made by a crayon. The slow flight of birds was tracked by the naked eye. Hello are you there? I'm calling on the universal frequency of the solar eclipse. Can you meet me in the desert? Where trees are named after Joshua and instead of cacti I say, "Can I". yes you can. The sardines are packed in a saltwater brine. The truth is held in a an air tight seal that is tamper proof. We poke, we prod, we plod along in the tangential arc of the universe and the sky. A graphing calculator is about the same as the gypsy grifter or should we call it the gangster prankster? those we days long gone bye. those were they days when we would wave just hello and goodbye. The night stirs with the wings of mayflies. The lawn has been turned into a hanger of six legged creatures taking to flight. Dear Mayfly, please don't fly into this house, though the light is irresistible, but I don't want you to die on the confines of the house. A purple tear, a drop of grape drink, and Kool-Aid man said, "oh yeah" and then crashed through the brick walls of the solitude of my mind. An irrefutable truth that was held solemn on our hearts...Why do you have to be so picky and micromanage the micro loans I give you? she so crazy, but she admits it. She was the sad protector collector, like having the Millenium Falcon as a carrying case. These germs will die one day and then we'll be better soon. All of us, unlike the hookworms of our younger days.

Monday, April 5, 2010

baby baby oh

chip chip chatter. the patter of feet down the wooden hallway. they are wearing their onesies and I hear their soft laughter of in the distance. a distant beach, the ocean swells, it was night time and we were drinking wine illegally. Baywatch was in it's current configuration. Late at night and we had lost a steppe. Terraced boundaries, terrace farming, and the far off thoughts of a terrorist. It was dark, it was blue, but we had to navigate by the light of the stars. You're kidding me? was that really a UFO or WTF or a FML? or were they all abbreviations for something else that was less disastrous? the waiting joke, the killing time, and the killing joke all added up to nothing once we opened the passenger side of the door. The airbag wasn't released, all we got was the residue of gunpowder in our faces. the bullet train to Tokyo, and this is what I imagined it may be. Our heart stopped for a brief moment, and we needed the defibrillator to bring us back to life. Air Trans, Jet Blue, Southwest, and Virgin, they were all discounted this week so we took the next flight. I can point to the compass and say this is where we'll land. Though those are the destinations and the questions that we can only ask ourselves once we are there.

LA dreaming

the turn of the cloud. the dark spot of the sun. the unearthly light of early morning sunrises in anticipation of the shoot. the stop motion feel, the uncluttered though processes of our early emotion into the light. The cable of the mountain and the gondola we ride to the top at first I spelled it like "tope" but I had to go back, because I was excited about this. Easter Sunday and we got an earthquake in one of the eggs. A 7.2 which we could feel all the way to downtown LA. Ironic that I couldn't feel the aftermath, it's a lithium halcyon day, though I take neither of those. I don't take anything, but maybe I should. Maybe I will become part of the prescription nation, then again this is a bad tact and I won't be sailing down that tract. Ride free run high, fly like an eagle in that rarefied air. Like the feathers from an owl carrying all that wisdom. Like naked twister and there was the truth. I was supposed to go to St. Helena for Easter, but the bug of a flu got me unfortunately....the crisp clean air. the revel of the young in St. Helena, and I guess Rico was hungover. I Pad war of the technology. I Pad all thoughts to this universal cloud coverage. I touched one once and I traveled back in time.

Monday, March 29, 2010

High roller High dice. High systems running through the clouds. on step two steps and we are ruling the table...let's run this town tonight. Let's do this thing and forget all the troubles in your past. Let's say we'll hit the hard 8 and go on our way. Twin fours, identical red and bound to the white dots on the faces we try. we stop and then the rhythm picks up again like we didn't know how. Chocolate croissants from Bouchon bakery and we had the Grand Plateau and I hope you liked it. sometimes things come out that you never wanted to say and you wish the hot tub time machine was real. Sometimes you want to take things back, but you put the bet down and you have to run with it. sometimes things are somewhere, and that's why she is so beautiful. we make scrabble words from the scraps of our minds and smoke fake cigarettes. that was cute and we document it with a digital photo that's held in our computer phone along with the disc space cat. Money cat and lucky bamboo, but you still don't hear me. How many times do I have to explain this. A sound on the ceiling and I think someone is crawling up there. or it could just be my ears and the imagination of a thousand suns.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


you were shot by a cannon into the middle of the night. the rebel forces began to ally against the pain of your eyes. they've been looking at a computer screen all day, yet like a pigeon you return to roost upon it. the digital x's and o's the 1's and 0's they all add up to data that you probably don't need. it's all simple formula, like a baby's. one part powder, one part water, and the ultimate nutrition. Nutria, nutrients, and the buck eye'd teeth of some old war propaganda film. we all march to a the same beat no matter what you say. We all goose step like the villains from the second world war. we need to break this pattern, it's unnatural like the reign of the past few years and the black rain of Tokyo streets. I want to hold your hand. I want to laugh. I want to eat creme brulee with you. I want to say that things are well and not good. Superman does good and you do well. proper syntax, proper grammar, these are the things we hold into the light. A candle in the middle of the forest burns bright in a night such as this. a winged horse (you have to say it phonetically like wing---ed...drag it out) jumps over the cow that jumped over the moon. A wonderful exploration of the connections of our minds. Like lost train stations in some forgotten country that occupies some unforgotten time. Can we be tired? we probably should be if we want to get up on time to do the Jersey Shore daily things. Gym. Tan. Laundry. Gotta keep it fresh and have a tub of gel to do our hair with. Faux hawk red hawk early dunk and in between. The scattered showers of today will soon pass, the lifting of parasitic wasps will be accompanied by a glimmer of sunshine. I'm old, normally I would be in bed of this time counting sheep. Guess I'm back to the old ways when I was a little kid and refusing to go to bed. You know what they used to say? that sleep was just practice for other things. dreaming of imagery. dreaming of disposal. and dreaming of the days when we were together.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

north cackalacka

The spinning, the sweat the other things we saw. thee, as in you and how do we explain it? Can we say that these sub atomic particles are a necessity of life? Can the fishbowl of our lives bring this into perfect clarity? where were you when the Challenger blew up? Where were you when Reagan escaped the assassination attempt? Perhaps with these questions I'm dating myself. I see cherry blossoms outside the window and they are wonderfully beautiful. White against the blue sky, forever in blue jeans, and we sing the lyrics of the song oh so loud. We hold hands while we sing and it just feels right. Can we barrel down the road in an effort to get to the desert? Coyote Ugly and I've been dancing on bar tops ever since. Can we see how we form the links of a chain that traverses the nation? Can we get perfect cell phone clarity. It's like a magnifying glass crystal clear in the middle, but around the edges it gets blurry. Like a soft vignette of life and the road map of our ancestors. We can hear the silent beat of drums off in the distance. We can also laugh about the bandwidth of our own thoughts and the comfort of being at home. Can you see what I'm talking about? I'll make a diagram and this is what we should plot the star maps with. House of leaves and what the dog saw. If you pet the dog within the first five minutes it'll pee on your coat.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It be raining

treats from heaven, the celestial clock was winding towards the ruin and earth of mankind. it was a simple cheese wheel, guyere if you please....If you're rude then spicy jalapeno or some strange abberation or maybe if you're lucky a bit of both. can you see the windfall that the fates have bestowed on us? can you smell the fresh spring flowers of an early afternoon? It wasn't supposed to happen like this, but when does it ever? Mr. Elastic made of plastic, broken and brittle with a chewy nougat center. the Earth settles in it's orbital spin around the sun. The sweet sweet particles of incendiary love filled the air. Now we rush to the happy smiles of the Swedish fish swimming on the peripheral of LA proper. Skull and bones, Scully and Mulder, we were the X-files, but instead of us chasing the monsters the monsters were chasing us. The good the bad the ugly, it's all the same, it's how we handle it all and stay in balance with our inner souls. our inner light that guides us to the safe word we use for our mind. Can we see? Can we jump? I'll show you mine if you show me yours...we're like Mississippi, the show me state. Except now we live in the the Golden State.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

the robot

who doesn't want to feel that way, but he's programmed to because his creator was some evil genius that like to see the chaos theory in practice. the robot who yearns to be human, but maybe being human isn't so great after all. the grass is always greener and sometimes reality likes to slap you like as drunk girlfriend once did. unwarranted by the way, she just said that she thought it would be funny. yeah not really. the impulse buy at the supermarket, we bought a cow and brought it home and kept in our living room. future wifey whoever you are, I hope that I'm not so broken into a puzzle when you finally find me. hopefully I'll just have the corner piece missing and the puzzle of my mind will be solved. we can tread water, we can jump in the ocean and swim to china. we can be all that we want to be, love who we want to love. open yourself to the universe, it calls. it is your muse. it has shown you the way once, it can show you the way again. So universe, I'm open for any transmissions you send me. like soft bulletins in the night. guide me into the life I once lived, guide me to the good places. make me smile towards the sun. I want to live. I want to burn bright, but not so bright that I have a short shelf life. I don't want to be the expiration date on a can of pineapples.

xx I love you

the repeat on the song has gone on far too long, but I love it so I'll keep on playing it. The grey matter of the day rises like bread in the early afternoon. No radio shack lady, I don't want to give you my email, because I'm afraid of all the spam. the typing isn't happening so fast because I'm half an apparition of what I've always been. the ghosts of the night and memories of the day will always haunt me. the splitting eardrums and headaches of the world will always coil like a rattlesnake in the high noon sun. I can't believe that this idea, this thing, this steadfast pattern repeats itself like metaphysical wall paper in my life. The bluetooth headset that I broke by sweating too much, it wasn't waterproof and running all day made it soak with perspiration.
The modicum of success the sheer brilliance of sound waves penetrated the night. We all seek refuge in the islands of our own minds. I can't say that I will never say anything. I'm kind of programmed to speak my mind even though 90 percent of the time I'm wrong. The dust days, ask the dust and the devil dust of the broken hearts of a million man army. the Armada sailed due east looking for the empire of broken dreams and staccato beats. we can hear it the silent cheering of groups near and wide. It's the winter Olympics and everyone has heard. We can hold hands an remember what it was like to be in love, but those dreams are like a swirling tempest of wild things and emotions to the beat. we gotta run this course, because there is no recourse. We have to keep on living because that's programmed in our nature. the technology plus music, plus airport extreme may have saved my life. Everything is getting better because that's the way it should be.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I woke up with a smile on my face today. an amazing time and amazing place. a river that was created on the streets of los Angeles by the rain last night. I made a boat of my cigarette and floated down the LA river. A time struck a different face and we talked into the night. The latest grace the latest news woke me from my sleep of the past several years. I'm ready to burn like the sun and race to the horizon. I'm ready to do this and a feeling untethered joy swells in my heart. A memory of ectasy in the airport and you and I driving in the night discussing life. I remember that time in Milwaukee when we were driving down the quiet streets, you one of my best friends in the world. Remember in the green light of the night we drove to Mitchell airport and went in. Just sitting there at night and discussing our great love for each other and how we could both be. How we'd be in the near distant future. I think that was one of the most beautiful moments of my life and the memory burns strong in my heart. It's been a few years and now you have a child, a wonderful beautiful child. I hope in life you get all that you need and more importantly all that you want. You're one of the most beautiful and brilliant people in the world. I want you to be happy. I know the world is so different than yourself, but you must carry the light the burns inside of you and show you're brilliance to the world. It saddens me that I think of you and my brothers as Motorcycle boy from Rumble Fish. You are three of the most beautiful souls I know, and I know it's hard for you to accept the world for what it is, instead of how it should be. You can defeat the monsters and earn your rightful place in this world of demons. You are better men than the many that have passed. I want you to know this and I want you to feel it.

i feel you

in the past early lights of dawn I feel your ghost. In the sturdy redwoods of St. Helena I feel your presence. you're a giant among men and makes me wish for the times we spent, I don't know why I thought of you today, I just did. I think it has something to do with being reminded of the song "Say Something" by James by a recent friend...or I should say newly recent better friendship. Maybe it was this year and what I had to go through to meet this person. We have the same connection that you and I had. I missing you badly and only things that are good can make me forget the hurt...A manic drive from southern california to northern california. The night was dark, but before that on the way I saw the most beautiful sunset. These things actually happened and I could feel you on the 5 north. Along the way I saw two owls fly past me in my car. The headlights illuminating their ghostly white in the shadows of the night. I believe in the power of owls and goodness of the world. I know you were looking after me on my journey to say goodbye to you. On the road was a truck tire that I ran over at 90 mph and I'm pretty sure I could have died in that collision. I know you made sure I made it there safe, I'm sorry I missed you and didn't make it in time. This life this road is confusing and I can only head north on my own magnetic compass that is embedded in my mind. This life this road is great and sometimes I need to remind myself of that. I see the beauty of the world just steps from my door in the polished white of the vanquised sun. We are here together to make this a better place and I am a better person for ever meeting you. I travel in this journey trying to forge ahead with the memories of you, Victor, Eddie, and Randall...people who the heavens took to early and far too soon. You were the greats and maybe whoever is up there needed you to fight the good fight up there. I constantly need to remind myself that this life is not to waste, because it's a gift and a duty that I must press on in order to make your memories real, to make them important. To make you immortal in my minds eye. I need to continue the work that you have laid the path for.
Your brilliant smiles, you're sharp eyes, your tremendous love for life. All of you in your passing taught me that I need to uphold life and live for you. Sometimes its hard and I want to give up, but I can defeat the monsters and I can carry this throughout. Be strong in your hearts, I know you are always looking over me in the darkest of times.

Monday, February 8, 2010

the details

Are never the same. the details. They say god is in the details, but I say the devil lives in the obsessiveness. The broken angles of dreams stay away. We want to fly like eagles, but we're swimming with sharks. We've always had that special bond and it will always be that way with my baboon heart from the monkey king. Let's say we were holding hands on a continent far far away. Let's dream of nights when you and I were drunk on whiskey and running towards the sun. Let me tell you that when my friend was dying you made everything okay. I'm not sure about this magical quality of you, but I attribute it to youth and being forever young. I remember the time you got a last minute ticket and met me at the show. That was the best feeling and probably one of the best perfect nights I've had. Sometimes I think about what it would be like if we lived in the same place, but it's probably better that we always keep it this ideal. Reality bites and it never feels the same. Let's hop, let's skip, let's jump rope to the silent beats of everyday life. Let's just lie here and think about how things are, how they could be, and the changes we can make. Someday I'd like to hold your hand and watch the sunset pass over the mountains. It's in my mind, in my dreams, and the tiny distances that are covered by ants every day. It's a moon patrol and I'm constantly reminded by the beauty of your innocence. That's all I have to say.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

fail dot organ

oh yes. it happened. I'm getting long in tooth and grey in the scalp. the energy just wasn't here on a friday night, though I all I really wanted to do was get wild like the wild things were. like how they are and where they are. The scalding cauldron of bubbling sentiment was made into the most delicious son tofu. I think that was spelled wrong but no matter. she gave me the three principle rules of what to look for. Cat, hat, and an the requisite glossy photo followed by all the stats that really don't matter, because that photo usually doesn't add up. The hat is the tip off, it's like wearing a feather in your hair or maybe running around the streets in a straight jacket. I'm sorry if I ever hurt you because I never meant to do this. After a few drinks three's company, but in this instance it may have been okay. The locked up chambers of your heart that equal all in total about four will always make sure that you just go go go. Run sammy run. What makes you run? the carrot made of imagination? the dream of living your so called life? or is it a chapter that you have yet begun to write? I'm sure I'm missing someone's birthday this month, I believe in this instance it's my niece, Julia's. I'll have to pre-empt this by sending out a gift and a card in the next week. It's someone's birthday I just can't remember who. My eyes are bleeding from this computer screen and whoever knew that you could expend so much life force creating nothing. I want to run. I want to hide. I want to live forever. Forever young.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

cmon come on

ways to say things in the indefinite clarity of the light of the stars and the deep azure blueness of the sky. one way to see things at sea level. the crab nebula dances in your nether regions. Never say this again. it's disgusting, uncouth, and very much unlike you. Neverending story and we rewrite the chapters over and over. let's pitch let's roll, until you try how will you ever really now. A long time ago we sent our messages over the world wide postal service. We'd lick and stamp, put it on an envelope, and then put it in a blue metal container. Heavy metal, heavy water, heavy D and the boys. We wrapped oh so tightly. one question with the on to the next one question. what is it. I fill up the space like a liquid. I expand to the space like gas. An inert gas instead of that offensive one we call breaking the wind. breaking the waves, a pretty disturbing movie. Kind of too real to life. reel to reel you and I. We can battle like break dancers and keep up the bad behavior. We can put our lives neatly away in metal containers. We can discover the emotional tombs of others and the cobwebs that expose them. Let's find that buried treasure.

on to the next one

destroy deviate break the patterns of the wallpaper of your life. Eat the food from Valhalla and ride with the valkries. Eat the unicorn blood of the magic leperchaun like lucky from lucky charms. Blue hearts purple diamonds and eyes made of red. keep chasing the pot of gold because we are almost there. Listen to the fluttering of butterfly wings and churn the butter of cash hidden in the mattress of you life. See all the details in 3d with their stereoscopic view of the macro world of bugs and termites. They would and they eat wood. The translucent white of their bodies, the pincers that break down the fiber of ply, the seating arrangement of the devil. Do you know that the price of cigarettes in LA is 6.66??? No joke and if you try your stand up with me I probably won't laugh. Mad Men, Mad tv, I come from the land of Les Paul and Cheap Tricks. Sometimes I wonder if mutiny isn't the best way, but it's not in my nature to step on another person. You aren't a ladder for me to ascend where I want to go. I'll extend my hand and help you along, but only if you let me and treat me right. Right wing conspiracies and the leaning to the left. I've got a book for you that you could only understand. don't let me repeat this, but I probably will.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

life expended

hi guys and girls. let's grand theft auto. get in the jail and be the robot. let's steal some cars just from anyone any day any place. can we do this and get first place? I'm taming the wild things that were a metaphor for my emotions. a met a 4 for all of you on the world wide interweb. my lower back hurts because I have a terrible posture while working. working and tweetin' an' bloggin' for a weekend and using apostrophes 'til it doesn't matter. dark matter grey matter and the existential stylings of our maker and the being in the sky. what can we do except get caught up in the tractor beam of our lives? can you hear the whisper of the silent forest and the soft cooing of owls in the night of a full moon breaking the sphere of our light? I can say that the person who was homeless was speaking about the year 2012, but really man? it's 2010. we were supposed to have robots by now. I feel like being on a lazy susan and spinning round and round. or with proper grammar that would be around. The money cat ran out of batteries the other day, but I put a new one in and it's running fine. the lines of cheese cracker dust led me to this conclusion. Party zombie, the ultimate in facsimile. the ultimate in metaphor. the ultimate warrior in our days of sound bites. I have health insurance but I don't even use it. see you at coachella, cause that's where the wild things roam.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

kind of magnetic

the earth and the round piece of rock we call the earth were orbiting on the why axis. for all you 3d nerds you know what I mean. the crooked smile of the land sharks nearby and the sampling of life made from the streets of mean. A mowhawk a tomahawk and we have the makings of a movie film. Tomorrow I have to be on point so I came home early so I could get the worm in the morning. Except I'm not a bird and I'm a twinkie with a lasso and cowboy boots. Let's hear it, let's bear witness, like a tiny little poofy dog named bear. I wasn't scared because she wasn't the Pooh Bear. Trigger, Piglet, Eyeore you're all a part of my life. Like those sleepless in Seattle we all send digital posts to one another. You've got male. Testosterone, we all do in equal parts measure in tiny little thimbles that we so with, or sew if you do it by needlepoint. One gesture, one drive and a broken Blu-ray player. I told my father it would be fine to take a take back item from Best Buy, but this wasn't the truth or the best buy for either of us. I tell him not to worry, that he should worry about his own life and not worry about the life of his errant son. I'll be fine I say over and over, yet he doesn't believe me. I think that's what parents are for, to worry about things that you shouldn't have to worry about and have the blind ignorance to follow. As if you didn't think of all the consequences of this random roll of the dice that you made. It all comes up hard 8 like Phillip Seymour Hoffman and that's okay. Because you look like him whether you think it or not. And the weather is looking better, sunny days are ahead. Get in the car and step on the gas and say "vroom, vroom" like Ralph the mouse, then and only then your motorcycle will go.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

tornado alley

the land of the son turned into volcano tornado alley. The land of shimmery vampires that glisten in the sun was awakened by the slow roll of thunder and the bolts of lightning that cascaded over the valley. The broken lands of time were put into a machine and we could go back and forth like customers at an all you can eat buffet, it feels as the post has been digging into the ground and by ground I mean my skin. We were standing on the fire escape looking over the vast moonscape of parking lots we call downtown. The slow drift of cotton candy clouds obscured the grime of the city and made the streets a sparkling wetness that they strive for in film. We can see the slow tides of a two and a half year old stacking scrabble pieces. She's cute and one of a kind. a true rainbow in the storm of humanity. I quite enjoyed spending time with her and drawing while getting a tattoo and a nail polish. magical thoughts from a magical person. she asked if I was a boy or girl and I said, "I'm a boy" then she said, "I'm a girl because I have long hair and you're a boy because you have short hair". Then to make my hair long she put her hair on top of mine. It was way too cute and funny how she did it. makes me smile just remembering it. that's why I had to write this last part down so I would.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

let's go

it's 2010 year of the metal tiger. Metallica and the winds of change blow through the desert like peregrine falcons made of carbon fiber. f bombs dropped in the increasing shadow of the night. The sun rises to the east and we look at the sub atomic mecca of our souls. The Earth replenishes like a an advanced recycler of the machines of bio diversity. We can see the horizons of our futures and run towards them. We can share our love with each other like one thousand dollar bills. We hear that the bionic ear can tap into the node based systems of our life compositing systems. Let's run, let's hide. let's go to where we always will. A land of hope, dreams and the unforgettable desires of our happy life times. I can see your future, it's like going down Niagra Falls in a barrel. Barreling through life and I'm kind of having a mid life crisis. It's okay though, like all obstacles I will overcome this one though the climbing is rough. My mom worked in a factory for twenty years, I can handle this artifice of what I do. I can do this because that's why we left Laos, my parents sacrificed so much so I could have the life I want. I have it. Like Bushy said "Mission Accomplished". Let's roll, Let's do this, Let's do it like Brutus. We can smash our glasses on the bar and break out in wild dances. Let's run to where we need to go and just keep running.