Saturday, July 10, 2010

been a long time

I took a disco nap and it turned into a full on marathon. The birds of the neighborhood still chirp into the night. Sometimes the surprises of the late universe can wake you up. Sometimes you just wish you were sleeping in the lake, like the old tales of Camelot. The reversal of fortune was always fortuitous and you had to kiss the ground you walked on. Though once in a while it trembles and you feel the slow roll of an earthquake. Where can we be alone? In the desert, at the mountaintop or the slow low confines of our rooms. The proverbial rat in the cage sits there smoking a cigarette thinking about the ill-fitted tux suit that it will be wearing for a wedding. It was a Banksy production, but you can't take that to the bank. It's been an exhausting year, but actually it's only been on phase of the marathon. Two beats, one beat, and we skip a beat. One heart one dream and we surely have to diversify our portfolios. I'm looking to be bi-coastal so let's skip to the beat of that drum. It's a snare, like "Watership Down"...I believe that may be one word or one world that we need to avoid. The clouds today in LA were immaculate and almost alien. I need to buy new genes, because I'd like to be taller. Writing in the near future is the near present I need to get to. This isn't so rhythmic, but it beats with my heart.