Sunday, September 12, 2010

so so okay and yeah let's burn it like rubber

the sea with it's green emerald eyes, purple pants...and resemble the hulk. shells were put out here for many reasons. the seascape the earth brush and the winds of subtle change blowing in from the coast. baby bounce to this bounce to this and we sing the parameters of the song with the highest voices we can, missed opportunities and things just happen. I can say it was the original, the OG gangster it the slight movement of breathing things in and out. The salt of the Earth and maybe of age, but we weren't able to pawn it off unless it was uncool. Space esmeralda with it's passing of time. In a life of regrets with a simple push of the button, we look to sever all ties with the ones who have made us. The fury the storm, the unabashed emotional element of our experiences should never be behind what we want to do and our experiences under the ocean deep. the trembling of the earth the solstice we never mix with. Your quiet eyes and the program that ran beneath made of ones and zeros and the balletic code of instances in the sun. Let's go there let's be there let's jump off the diving board, never be embarrassed and run towards the sun. It's just got to happen in the perfection of that moment. so lbf or let's find ways to connect the stars in universe so they perfectly align...the numbers and equations don't lie under the sand.