Thursday, January 28, 2010

life expended

hi guys and girls. let's grand theft auto. get in the jail and be the robot. let's steal some cars just from anyone any day any place. can we do this and get first place? I'm taming the wild things that were a metaphor for my emotions. a met a 4 for all of you on the world wide interweb. my lower back hurts because I have a terrible posture while working. working and tweetin' an' bloggin' for a weekend and using apostrophes 'til it doesn't matter. dark matter grey matter and the existential stylings of our maker and the being in the sky. what can we do except get caught up in the tractor beam of our lives? can you hear the whisper of the silent forest and the soft cooing of owls in the night of a full moon breaking the sphere of our light? I can say that the person who was homeless was speaking about the year 2012, but really man? it's 2010. we were supposed to have robots by now. I feel like being on a lazy susan and spinning round and round. or with proper grammar that would be around. The money cat ran out of batteries the other day, but I put a new one in and it's running fine. the lines of cheese cracker dust led me to this conclusion. Party zombie, the ultimate in facsimile. the ultimate in metaphor. the ultimate warrior in our days of sound bites. I have health insurance but I don't even use it. see you at coachella, cause that's where the wild things roam.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

kind of magnetic

the earth and the round piece of rock we call the earth were orbiting on the why axis. for all you 3d nerds you know what I mean. the crooked smile of the land sharks nearby and the sampling of life made from the streets of mean. A mowhawk a tomahawk and we have the makings of a movie film. Tomorrow I have to be on point so I came home early so I could get the worm in the morning. Except I'm not a bird and I'm a twinkie with a lasso and cowboy boots. Let's hear it, let's bear witness, like a tiny little poofy dog named bear. I wasn't scared because she wasn't the Pooh Bear. Trigger, Piglet, Eyeore you're all a part of my life. Like those sleepless in Seattle we all send digital posts to one another. You've got male. Testosterone, we all do in equal parts measure in tiny little thimbles that we so with, or sew if you do it by needlepoint. One gesture, one drive and a broken Blu-ray player. I told my father it would be fine to take a take back item from Best Buy, but this wasn't the truth or the best buy for either of us. I tell him not to worry, that he should worry about his own life and not worry about the life of his errant son. I'll be fine I say over and over, yet he doesn't believe me. I think that's what parents are for, to worry about things that you shouldn't have to worry about and have the blind ignorance to follow. As if you didn't think of all the consequences of this random roll of the dice that you made. It all comes up hard 8 like Phillip Seymour Hoffman and that's okay. Because you look like him whether you think it or not. And the weather is looking better, sunny days are ahead. Get in the car and step on the gas and say "vroom, vroom" like Ralph the mouse, then and only then your motorcycle will go.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

tornado alley

the land of the son turned into volcano tornado alley. The land of shimmery vampires that glisten in the sun was awakened by the slow roll of thunder and the bolts of lightning that cascaded over the valley. The broken lands of time were put into a machine and we could go back and forth like customers at an all you can eat buffet, it feels as the post has been digging into the ground and by ground I mean my skin. We were standing on the fire escape looking over the vast moonscape of parking lots we call downtown. The slow drift of cotton candy clouds obscured the grime of the city and made the streets a sparkling wetness that they strive for in film. We can see the slow tides of a two and a half year old stacking scrabble pieces. She's cute and one of a kind. a true rainbow in the storm of humanity. I quite enjoyed spending time with her and drawing while getting a tattoo and a nail polish. magical thoughts from a magical person. she asked if I was a boy or girl and I said, "I'm a boy" then she said, "I'm a girl because I have long hair and you're a boy because you have short hair". Then to make my hair long she put her hair on top of mine. It was way too cute and funny how she did it. makes me smile just remembering it. that's why I had to write this last part down so I would.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

let's go

it's 2010 year of the metal tiger. Metallica and the winds of change blow through the desert like peregrine falcons made of carbon fiber. f bombs dropped in the increasing shadow of the night. The sun rises to the east and we look at the sub atomic mecca of our souls. The Earth replenishes like a an advanced recycler of the machines of bio diversity. We can see the horizons of our futures and run towards them. We can share our love with each other like one thousand dollar bills. We hear that the bionic ear can tap into the node based systems of our life compositing systems. Let's run, let's hide. let's go to where we always will. A land of hope, dreams and the unforgettable desires of our happy life times. I can see your future, it's like going down Niagra Falls in a barrel. Barreling through life and I'm kind of having a mid life crisis. It's okay though, like all obstacles I will overcome this one though the climbing is rough. My mom worked in a factory for twenty years, I can handle this artifice of what I do. I can do this because that's why we left Laos, my parents sacrificed so much so I could have the life I want. I have it. Like Bushy said "Mission Accomplished". Let's roll, Let's do this, Let's do it like Brutus. We can smash our glasses on the bar and break out in wild dances. Let's run to where we need to go and just keep running.