Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Candid Camera

I once saw a lizard made of glass and scurried underneath the grapevines off the 5 north. There was an owl that was snow white and I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world. It is a world of magnets that align to push and pull across the universe. She whispered that we could meet again in the shadows of the long tall palm trees. Did we ever see the shapes in the clouds that the shaman said he saw? Or were they hallucinations generated in his own mind constructed by a punch card computer. Punch drunk love and we skipped through the alley ways of our untethered hearts. Construct was hard to carry since it was made of cement. I've been making things up in the past few hours or the past few days or the past few weeks. They are called ideas, but someone may call them "youdeas" as in you should do them. Let's escape to Gotham and run towards the sun. Let's float in zero gravity talking in Spanish. The light in Madrid was so beautiful and yellow. The shadows of life danced off the dry heat of the tablets of stone we call sidewalks. Out the car window we saw fields of auburn blazing wheat. I put the piece of candy under my tongue while sleeping the sleep of the blissful. Let's break our tablets out like Moses did his. The commandments were of one, and it was love one another.