Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Earth to copy, can you read me, roger. and me. we can run to the rings of saturn and have a picnic on the moon. I saw the eagle fly high with a pillow between its talons. You can move to South America, but I am not sure if it will help. Somewhere we belong here as long as we are not driving around in circles. Where am I? was the common line between the two scripts though they reference the same event horizon. Earth plux, one plux, flex, plus this is the flux capacitor as we know it. Throw some rubbish into it and the answers were not there. I have to do everything the long way because right now my computer will not type apostrophes, since it atrophied a long time ago within the river of the universe. I am wearing clam diggers or high waters as the tide comes in. I see the beach blanket bingo going on and I close my eyes. We are this close to the answer of the brigadier general and in general nothing is as bad as this capital or corporal punishment. Bread sticks bird brains I keep typing til the end of the sun. The rays shown through the earth, the magma, the tectonic plates. The earth moves a millimeter each day, but we travel miles by the second. Well not really, but by the minutes. And that is how I march to the beat of this drum line.