Monday, December 27, 2010

slowly slowly, quickly quickly, we beat out all the ghosts of our hearts and our minds. travel the universe in perfect unison with our thoughts. the confusion of all our experiences roll in the tempest of our chemical machine. the breadth of the baby cat was always there. can we let the lexington of our hearts go like a billion white doves darkening the blue sky of our lives? the gallop of horses is heard off in the distance, this doesn't leave the room because it's a secret shared among friends. I want to tell you these secrets, but would it endanger the others or roll the trusts of others into something so insignificant. the capital of Wisconsin is the code that we live by. the creature of the badger goes digging and digging. we can jump up and down and scream from the mountaintop. Let's go to the other place by slowly circling and circling. I circled the date with the blood from my heart. We are blood brothers in the literal and metaphorical sense. I have no sense in the breakup of time. time is the source of the delusion and the grandeur. times of post apocalyptic visions and the ordering of our lives. I'm in need of the dewey decimal system of our lives. In order to categorize all of this I'm going to need a lot of helpers. slow down your thoughts so you can truly experience life. Be here now, because that's what you need to be. Be present, be here, be always in the know. Let's go discover this movie of life.

Friday, December 10, 2010

the flicker

of a post of the drain of the same of the membrane. I've gotta say that I was surprised of the news of the passing of the flame. I heart you and I love you and I have to say why do the good die young. In a primordial or a torrential scream to the heavens. I say don't take the good anymore and hell you should take the bad. But no it doesn't work that way with angel wings or soaring into the clouds or the earth as we know it. I am going to wage war against you towards the end of time. I'm going to beat the battle that we never could have. It's easy to dismiss and overlook and never think of. You laugh and smirk but I'll wipe that from your face. Boneless, white bone, earthen shatter, ever the link of the unimaginable. I sweep through the rain like a schooner with sails. A cutlass sword that slashes through our heavenly times. I say you are unfair, and you are. Admit it. An angry old man with the seas of uncertainty. A refuge from the storm that makes no sense. I would have left if you weren't here, probably for better shores. I've always been my own adventurer seeking better opportunities in far off land. Which in repost is probably better than most.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

you burn

you burn like the sun. like a supernova that envelops all of the heat of a galaxy far far away. the constant scroll of names and contacts have brought us to the event horizon of the different plainer moments of our life. Plainer as in plain, yes I know it's a made up word like many sequences of letters in the english language. I can drop one thing two things and yes I am living in my own demented fantasy. The earth rains with blood, the fire reigns it all. The people who we consort with own everything. I can till the lands til the land is bone dry. Put this on the yoke of my soul and it's no small command. In general in corporal in theory in space, the lands of time and the strength of our persistence bent the bands of time. A band of outsiders in the light years away. Let's hit turbospace and you and I can be together in the next life. Like my friend once said. Ha. Parisian times and the parisian planet, we made it of croissants and the bagels de luxe. I can see the rim light of life cascading over the silhouette of your head. Every day I wake up and I say to myself this is going to be a good day, this is the day that we will live and appreciate forever. That's all I want you to know and to say to you.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

the effort

to be the one you would love to be. The race to see who is telling the truth and do you have a magical lasso to make you tell them to. The invisible jet the invisible refrain from what we wanted to say. The new ecology is where we are headed. The compass of your mind leading you to the answers where we could probably solve them with an etch a sketch. Indecent proposals are left at the stage door when we couldn't go to sleep. Let's run and eat at the same time. Peanut butter, bananas, a strawberry that looks like an ear, and I can't remember the last time I had been there.
The cycle of the ocean waves cleaned the inner ear of life grandstanding. The box of a gift was left here in the quiet solace of the night. The black clouds are rolling in with the ferocity of the tiger beat. Can you see the foolish bets that they made in the early morning Kentucky bound. Sometimes I want to stay out, but it's better to be in. All bets are in and I'll say that maybe this wasn't the way to go. I can't say the handcuffs of your heart were the right thing to do, maybe it's what you always thought was right. A piece of butter and you're toast for the golden triangle to detect. Let's do this, let's misappropriate those funds.