Monday, March 29, 2010

High roller High dice. High systems running through the clouds. on step two steps and we are ruling the table...let's run this town tonight. Let's do this thing and forget all the troubles in your past. Let's say we'll hit the hard 8 and go on our way. Twin fours, identical red and bound to the white dots on the faces we try. we stop and then the rhythm picks up again like we didn't know how. Chocolate croissants from Bouchon bakery and we had the Grand Plateau and I hope you liked it. sometimes things come out that you never wanted to say and you wish the hot tub time machine was real. Sometimes you want to take things back, but you put the bet down and you have to run with it. sometimes things are somewhere, and that's why she is so beautiful. we make scrabble words from the scraps of our minds and smoke fake cigarettes. that was cute and we document it with a digital photo that's held in our computer phone along with the disc space cat. Money cat and lucky bamboo, but you still don't hear me. How many times do I have to explain this. A sound on the ceiling and I think someone is crawling up there. or it could just be my ears and the imagination of a thousand suns.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


you were shot by a cannon into the middle of the night. the rebel forces began to ally against the pain of your eyes. they've been looking at a computer screen all day, yet like a pigeon you return to roost upon it. the digital x's and o's the 1's and 0's they all add up to data that you probably don't need. it's all simple formula, like a baby's. one part powder, one part water, and the ultimate nutrition. Nutria, nutrients, and the buck eye'd teeth of some old war propaganda film. we all march to a the same beat no matter what you say. We all goose step like the villains from the second world war. we need to break this pattern, it's unnatural like the reign of the past few years and the black rain of Tokyo streets. I want to hold your hand. I want to laugh. I want to eat creme brulee with you. I want to say that things are well and not good. Superman does good and you do well. proper syntax, proper grammar, these are the things we hold into the light. A candle in the middle of the forest burns bright in a night such as this. a winged horse (you have to say it phonetically like wing---ed...drag it out) jumps over the cow that jumped over the moon. A wonderful exploration of the connections of our minds. Like lost train stations in some forgotten country that occupies some unforgotten time. Can we be tired? we probably should be if we want to get up on time to do the Jersey Shore daily things. Gym. Tan. Laundry. Gotta keep it fresh and have a tub of gel to do our hair with. Faux hawk red hawk early dunk and in between. The scattered showers of today will soon pass, the lifting of parasitic wasps will be accompanied by a glimmer of sunshine. I'm old, normally I would be in bed of this time counting sheep. Guess I'm back to the old ways when I was a little kid and refusing to go to bed. You know what they used to say? that sleep was just practice for other things. dreaming of imagery. dreaming of disposal. and dreaming of the days when we were together.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

north cackalacka

The spinning, the sweat the other things we saw. thee, as in you and how do we explain it? Can we say that these sub atomic particles are a necessity of life? Can the fishbowl of our lives bring this into perfect clarity? where were you when the Challenger blew up? Where were you when Reagan escaped the assassination attempt? Perhaps with these questions I'm dating myself. I see cherry blossoms outside the window and they are wonderfully beautiful. White against the blue sky, forever in blue jeans, and we sing the lyrics of the song oh so loud. We hold hands while we sing and it just feels right. Can we barrel down the road in an effort to get to the desert? Coyote Ugly and I've been dancing on bar tops ever since. Can we see how we form the links of a chain that traverses the nation? Can we get perfect cell phone clarity. It's like a magnifying glass crystal clear in the middle, but around the edges it gets blurry. Like a soft vignette of life and the road map of our ancestors. We can hear the silent beat of drums off in the distance. We can also laugh about the bandwidth of our own thoughts and the comfort of being at home. Can you see what I'm talking about? I'll make a diagram and this is what we should plot the star maps with. House of leaves and what the dog saw. If you pet the dog within the first five minutes it'll pee on your coat.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It be raining

treats from heaven, the celestial clock was winding towards the ruin and earth of mankind. it was a simple cheese wheel, guyere if you please....If you're rude then spicy jalapeno or some strange abberation or maybe if you're lucky a bit of both. can you see the windfall that the fates have bestowed on us? can you smell the fresh spring flowers of an early afternoon? It wasn't supposed to happen like this, but when does it ever? Mr. Elastic made of plastic, broken and brittle with a chewy nougat center. the Earth settles in it's orbital spin around the sun. The sweet sweet particles of incendiary love filled the air. Now we rush to the happy smiles of the Swedish fish swimming on the peripheral of LA proper. Skull and bones, Scully and Mulder, we were the X-files, but instead of us chasing the monsters the monsters were chasing us. The good the bad the ugly, it's all the same, it's how we handle it all and stay in balance with our inner souls. our inner light that guides us to the safe word we use for our mind. Can we see? Can we jump? I'll show you mine if you show me yours...we're like Mississippi, the show me state. Except now we live in the the Golden State.