Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sea breeze, dark trips and the mad mexican who is my friend. Off the hook off the chains, and I got to see Emilyn Smith. Great notes, high times, running through the desert without a worry in the world. Deep springs, dark palms, the questions of the glitter coyotes running through the night. Illegal moments, illegal aliens, and the ufos they arrived on. I ran into a beautiful night apparition, one I had dreamed of seeing a long time ago in my sleep. Bunker hills, Bunker granites, the left of center was moved even more to the right. Ponies on sticks and the dangerous men who carried them. The dancing was full of butt cracks. The earth of matted down grass. The exploratory surgery of gym days gone by. Secret handoffs and holding hands through the darkened crowd. Die Antwerd was actually boring compared to real life. It was fun, maybe too much fun. I thinking I should have driven myself or had the guts to. fire it up, because someone has to.

Friday, April 9, 2010


bushwick bill or possibly an impostor. the big dipper was out tonight and as always Orion dragging his pelt across the sky. The color is purple, but it wasn't made by a crayon. The slow flight of birds was tracked by the naked eye. Hello are you there? I'm calling on the universal frequency of the solar eclipse. Can you meet me in the desert? Where trees are named after Joshua and instead of cacti I say, "Can I". yes you can. The sardines are packed in a saltwater brine. The truth is held in a an air tight seal that is tamper proof. We poke, we prod, we plod along in the tangential arc of the universe and the sky. A graphing calculator is about the same as the gypsy grifter or should we call it the gangster prankster? those we days long gone bye. those were they days when we would wave just hello and goodbye. The night stirs with the wings of mayflies. The lawn has been turned into a hanger of six legged creatures taking to flight. Dear Mayfly, please don't fly into this house, though the light is irresistible, but I don't want you to die on the confines of the house. A purple tear, a drop of grape drink, and Kool-Aid man said, "oh yeah" and then crashed through the brick walls of the solitude of my mind. An irrefutable truth that was held solemn on our hearts...Why do you have to be so picky and micromanage the micro loans I give you? she so crazy, but she admits it. She was the sad protector collector, like having the Millenium Falcon as a carrying case. These germs will die one day and then we'll be better soon. All of us, unlike the hookworms of our younger days.

Monday, April 5, 2010

baby baby oh

chip chip chatter. the patter of feet down the wooden hallway. they are wearing their onesies and I hear their soft laughter of in the distance. a distant beach, the ocean swells, it was night time and we were drinking wine illegally. Baywatch was in it's current configuration. Late at night and we had lost a steppe. Terraced boundaries, terrace farming, and the far off thoughts of a terrorist. It was dark, it was blue, but we had to navigate by the light of the stars. You're kidding me? was that really a UFO or WTF or a FML? or were they all abbreviations for something else that was less disastrous? the waiting joke, the killing time, and the killing joke all added up to nothing once we opened the passenger side of the door. The airbag wasn't released, all we got was the residue of gunpowder in our faces. the bullet train to Tokyo, and this is what I imagined it may be. Our heart stopped for a brief moment, and we needed the defibrillator to bring us back to life. Air Trans, Jet Blue, Southwest, and Virgin, they were all discounted this week so we took the next flight. I can point to the compass and say this is where we'll land. Though those are the destinations and the questions that we can only ask ourselves once we are there.

LA dreaming

the turn of the cloud. the dark spot of the sun. the unearthly light of early morning sunrises in anticipation of the shoot. the stop motion feel, the uncluttered though processes of our early emotion into the light. The cable of the mountain and the gondola we ride to the top at first I spelled it like "tope" but I had to go back, because I was excited about this. Easter Sunday and we got an earthquake in one of the eggs. A 7.2 which we could feel all the way to downtown LA. Ironic that I couldn't feel the aftermath, it's a lithium halcyon day, though I take neither of those. I don't take anything, but maybe I should. Maybe I will become part of the prescription nation, then again this is a bad tact and I won't be sailing down that tract. Ride free run high, fly like an eagle in that rarefied air. Like the feathers from an owl carrying all that wisdom. Like naked twister and there was the truth. I was supposed to go to St. Helena for Easter, but the bug of a flu got me unfortunately....the crisp clean air. the revel of the young in St. Helena, and I guess Rico was hungover. I Pad war of the technology. I Pad all thoughts to this universal cloud coverage. I touched one once and I traveled back in time.