Friday, December 4, 2009

just in this week

My time in LA, twelve years of two headed snakes rambling among the desert plants. 89 days of total recall. one day of heaven on earth. Alpha Centuri, another sun to some other solar system, touched down here once. Her eyes were the color of green emerald teardrops that a jaguar shed in the jungle. Her ways were very conventional and that’s why we didn’t last. the curls of her hair spun gold flecks of sunlight off into the emotional vacuum I called my heart. The astral plane of alien life drifted by our windows. In the shadow plane of heartbeats and mutants in suits we had lunch every day. our circles were incomplete so we weren’t really circles. After all these years you still don’t trust me, I’m done with you. Don’t you know that in not even competing you have already lost? A white buddhist monk wearing white ipod flippers on the shaven bald head of the son. Our earthly delights consisted of what we could cram into paper thin cups. Scalding hot mixtures of life, love, emotion, desires, and wants. Wanton lust led us through the darkening city. Piles of devil dust blew in our faces, the blonde veneer smile of a colonialist devil. Some days we play the records that you wish you had. some days we destroy those records by scratching them like DJ Nestle Bunny.
You can be happy and smile in the quiet cabin of your car while passing the palms, some days you want to cry when you see the shifting plates of the teutonic horizon. Your North Face jacket won’t save you. It will only keep you warm, though your soul grows cold from the empty tracts of land we call strip malls. Stripper coconut and stripper sensation. Births of baby deer fill the horizons. Elephants drop from the tropical jungles of Laos. Earth, Wind, Fire, the natives all chant. The metal tiger plays furious harmonies of the latest hits on pop radio. Snap, Crackle, Pop, and your childhood dreams died. Don’t fret, we can awaken them with the kiss of a princess. A princess of anything, any persuasion. Any life to live. this is the puzzle of your real life rubic’s cube.
All colors, we just have to match them up. It should only take a second. Close your eyes, breath in deeply, and wish loudly. The suffering of the angels have awoken a beat in your heart that you never felt. The hats of the mad hatter were made of lead. The sentence is life and we’re here to live it. Hear that magic spell being sprinkled over the city like dust from a vacuum cleaner that takes all the dirt and grime of 10 million and collects it into a thin paper bag. We gag on the scarcity of money in the pockets of the rich. We sense the deliverance of maybe something better. Only these things live and fish with one another in LA. These simple stories made so complicated by the deranged lunatics that walk here like zombies. They are all vampires that can walk in the day, Daywalkers we call them. Not to be confused with Day Traders, but maybe we can call them Day Traitors. The duplicitous many, people who cannot control their greed. Enough is never enough, it has to be more. A cornucopia of sexual appetite, a bounty of alcohol fueled destruction, and the gentle trembling of people who know no better.
The rolling hills of the countryside of LA are populated by gates, gates to keep the guys who hang outside of U-Haul and Home Depot out. We want to keep you out, yet we need your help. We want you to help us up, but once we are up there we’ll leave you wallowing. We showed you the way, now help yourself up. The crumbling cake of society and the monetary systems are proof of the black hole we call humanity. There are good people, people of the sun. Not the void. Not the people with reptilian membranes covering their eyes. The shooting range for the catalyst of armageddon is open. They openly push for it, thrive for it. They want to witness the world destroyed in their lifetimes, because they mistakenly think they are the chosen ones. What if they are the ones that were chosen by the devil to bring an end to the world. Did they ever think of this? The hypocrites, the heretics telling us all how to live. Luring us with shiny flat screen tvs, the promise of cheap sex, and the more food than we can consume in one sitting. I’m done with this, the negativity. I’m sorry to be so negative in this writing, I am just trying to expunge it from my life. I hope this hasn’t taken too much from you, I didn’t mean to ask for so much, but I just had to ask....