Sunday, June 5, 2011

where to go

Where to go in the whole wide world? Where to go in the whole wide web. This half life of dying isotopes and the secrets that trees hold. Is your life boring? Let's make it more exciting more full of drama subconsciously in the stage of the world and the rage of a howling animal. I want to bark at the moon, my nuerons are stretched my synapses snapped with the fear of life, which in my younger days there was no fear at all. Even now in the swirling waters of dark rivers past I am not really afraid, just feeling some trepidation I have not felt in a long time. Breaking the waves and breaking bad, the feelings of the past are just not there. This weekend was wonderful as the celebration of one of the best people in the world and her name is Cayce Cole. The sea of Cortez is a wonderful place to go sailing if your captain is a little boy with blonde hair with ocean blue eyes. This kid is fantastic and is Cayce's sun and her son. I'm trying to hold onto those good feelings of pure joy and love that you can only experience when being around people like that. Though now I have returned to life and reality with the scuttling of my life vessel and the raging storms that approach. Reminder to self, to look towards the horizons, set sail, and once arriving in a foreign land to burn the ships and leave everything in the past behind. Which side am I on? Spy vs. Spy and the beast that needs to be tamed. I saw you at the movie theater in your red hoodie tonight, and yes you were a vision of pure beauty and light visually that I may never know. The world is full of billions of people and somehow you were shining in the crowd a the theater and sent my mind and heart racing like it seldom does these days. I probably will never meet you, but many things in my life I thought were not possible have actually happened. So to the horizon my mind has set sail and I am ready to burn the ships once I land on the alien shores of my new world. godspeed.

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