Friday, June 17, 2011

the streets

were full of the things we all loved. Garbage, debris, things thrown into the wind that we lest forget. The supporters of bygone laws that we found through the by laws of carriage and buggies. I've got a lot of buggys for you if you want them. The flying type, the type that have six legs and crawl over our eyelids when we are sleeping that resolute sleep of the damned. A stuffed polar bear, no kidding, a stuffed zebra no kidding. This house is weird and we need to escape from it. An early morning departure is what we need. Parachute. Parapoop. Parasite drop. The earliest we could say that the era was the Prehistoric. I rode on a dinosaur to get out of this mess and it was a triceratops. Brontosaurs burger like Fred Flintstone giving Barney Rubble the rock. Earth to the never ending infinite. I had some rabbit ears, a rabbit foot, and some buzzards luck. These things actually cannot co-exist nor be near each other. Like two of the same polarized magnets and the polar opposite of what we were thinking. It's always been about the north and the south and pictures that we shouldn't send on twitter by mistake. I'm a weiner. an oscar mayer weinermobile. oh that guy and the 25 know what I mean.

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