Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the earthen crack of ware.

in the past two weeks I was a Spaniard who couldn't speak Spanish. In the past six years or so I've probably been a bastard, with honorable thoughts, but paper in actions. Like a flimsy roll of toilet paper rolling down the highway at 88 mph trying to go back to the future. In a world of floating brains and hoverboards zooming across the immense labyrinth of thought in the industrialized jungle of emotions held tight by twine and the ever encompassing pull of gravity and love. run on. run on sentences and the rambling thoughts of a river of madness that I call modern life. We can choose to fall down the drain pipe, down the sentence of silent solitude. But let us not do that, let us go into those white out conditions of the mountain of life and feel our way down. The eternal sunshine of our lives should guide us with laser like precision. Let's taste the nectar of the gods that she provided us. It took me a long time to see this. The general kindness of strangers. I'm in love with so many things, I can't choose but one. I'm in love with the general enthusiasm and the kindness of others, I'm in love with you being brave and just going for it. I'm in love with a girl. I'm in love with the sun behind a tree in the meadow. I'm just here and will always be. I am I am. I am here.

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