Thursday, June 9, 2011

I can't

And I won't. do that or this or give up or fold the towel or fold my hand. I know I got that expression wrong. But I refuse this otherwise. The cyclical nature of the world and the cynicism of no tomorrows. The broken bells that are not a band. The heart, the thunder, the verve to live the life you want. Oprah style. TV syndicated news and this other shit. Broiling underneath the deep dark ocean. The motion of our brainwaves and nerve zero. They were all mapped out, but this one was newly discovered so we had to go back to the infinite zero. Hop skotch. Hopped up. Hop Louie. Breath in the air, it's smokey with a chance of meatballz. I tumble here I tumblr there. I joined the universe of the international blogosphere. Some words hurt. Some words destroy. Some words inspire. It's in spite of this that we move forward. All along like a train, if it's made of thoughts. It amazes me how we have landed in the land of alienation and how people treat one another. Every day. One step. Two steps. Let's be kind to each other. Let's make it so kind it hurts so good. Let's just be civil. This isn't a war between the north and the south. Let's just be happy. I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine. Better yet, let's hold hands and run towards the edge of the world. xoxo.

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