Tuesday, July 12, 2011

constant craving

vowel. verb. question. answer. if we were. If I did. can you see the upward winds of betrothal and the infinite sound of testing surprises. I’m just testing you to come on this journey. Through the mind. through the bodies. I threw it all away. Pack it in a case. Just Incase and that’s a brand. apples to oranges, beatrice to bea. Earth to zero. We are the ones who saw all of these things. It’s all disposable, but you never understand. Somehow this is easier than blogging on the spot. Somehow this is different then feeling on the spot. Cicada beats. Reality cat. You look like a tiger. South america is somewhere in the middle. You’re the boy. put it in the refrigerator. It’s ice chilling. It’s the iceberg made of lettuce. Let us try and we can be together. Magnetically frozen with opposite polarities. I want to eat fried chicken at a fancy french restaurant. I want to bake bread on the surface of Mars. The candy bar, not the planet was made of milky white nougat and peanuts from the sun. Earth was a place where I once lived til I went zero gravity. The gelatinous bubbles of my brain never made it easy. I want to tell you all my secrets, but then I’d have to kill you like the CIA. I could never do that, except maybe gather newspaper clippings. It’s the real L. Word. The tv suggestions are so insidious.

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